My mom loves our dog. Don’t get me wrong I love the little shit also but my mom LOVES him. I’m talking food scraps, kisses, conversations and full blown hugs. What it is essentially a form of empty nest syndrome; We’ve all grown older and she misses her “leedl ones” as she affectionately calls us and in our dog she has found a coping mechanism. She has supplanted her toddlers with a scottie named Cormac.

It got me thinking about the relationship we have our pets but specifically with our dogs and how they mean so many different things to so many different people . We feed ’em, clean ’em, house ’em; we pay their medical bills and we buy them toys that they destroy within the hour. We do all this (and much, much more) for the one thing they give us: pure, unadulterated loyalty.

There’s this homeless dude that lives in the streets outside my house. He’s worn out, he’s drunk most of the time; society has deemed him worthless. All he has are the tatty clothes on his back, his little plastic bag and two dogs. These two dogs follow him everywhere no matter what. To these two dogs this man is everything and this little family are each others world entire. He has nothing but they don’t give a shit; he’s theirs and they are his and that’s that.

Dogs have a certain innate kindness that you won’t anywhere else and if reared right there is no better companion. A dog doesn’t judge, change or turn its back on you. That furry bastard that threw up on the carpet some time during the night or destroyed your brand new flip flops is the most constant and unwavering pal you’ll ever have.

If we could all be a little bit more like the dogs we cherish we’d be just fine.