I came across a manual for smiling on the internet. Not so much the mechanics; we can all smile. No, this was aimed at helping people to make their smiles more aesthetically pleasing.

All the bases are covered. How much gums you should show, which teeth should be exposed, what position are our cheeks meant to be in. It literally broke the primal and ancient act of smiling into segments. A directory on how to look just swell when you simper.

How fucking depressing. A smile; a real honest to goodness smile is a purely human thing. It’s brilliant because each one is unique. I don’t wan’t to be the sappy “We’re a special little snowflake” guy but fuck me we aren’t robots either.

The perfect smile doesn’t exist. The perfect anything doesn’t exist. I wish everyone would cut this shit out. I don’t mean be satisfied with mediocrity but being obsessed with perfection is just as unhealthy as any lack of ambition.

I am imperfect. You are imperfect. My dog is imperfect. The ocean is imperfect. No manuals and no regrets.