I absolutely love film trailers. I mean, has anybody ever seen a disappointing one? I can name so many terrible, terrible movies who had fantastic trailers. Sure, you feel conned directly after paying for an extortionately priced movie ticket but hey, at least you had that special three minutes with the teaser. That three minutes where you thought WOW!

The whole good trailer, shit movie thing plays out like a burgeoning relationship. The awesome trailer is like a first impression; it’s that pretty girl that flutters her eye lashes at you from across the bar. You’re immediately attracted. They seem witty, intelligent and good looking. So obviously you want more. You make a date and end up spending a lot of money to get closer to the person and you hope your first date is going to be just as special as the first time you met her…

and then it turns out that you were just really drunk and that pretty girl is transvestite named Naturelle. That is what the whole trailer/movie relationship feels like to me. That’s not a bad thing per se because the trailer gave you that initial rush of blood. It was an enjoyable experience no matter how brief; no matter how bad the aftertaste after watching “The Happening”.

God bless anything that brings you happiness. From crabsticks to mittens, sports paraphernalia to rainbows or maybe even saying “Motherfuckin'” in inappropriate situations. Happiness or at least contentment is a rare old resource these days; accept it from any avenue it arrives.

Also, Don’t forget to floss. It helps to prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis.