So it turns out Jerry Springer is actually a very insightful and intelligent person. I always had the feeling that he had some savvy, you certainly don’t become as successful as him by being stupid, but I didn’t know how well spoken the guy was. I watched an interview he had with Piers Morgan on CNN and they upon all kinds of topics but the thing that most struck me was when Springer talked about his eponymous “The Jerry Springer Show”.

In the course of the conversation he raised the point that those lambasting his show were elitists. At first I thought that it was a shaky argument but when he expanded on it struck a nerve. The same people criticizing the Springer show for celebrating the worst in humanity and accusing the man himself of having dubious moral credentials are hypocrites. People will gasp at the guests on the show and in the same breath they’ll hop onto Perez Hilton’s blog to see who’s fucking who, or who’s the latest person with a mental illness.

The behavior of some celebrities is no different to that of the The Jerry Springer Show’s guests but hey they have nice white straight teeth; they drink courvoisier and have free access into the V.I.P of “da club”. No one looks down at them with disgust or calls them trash; why do they get a carte blanche to do as they want? Why are so many of these people seen as something to aspire too?

The more I thought about it the more I realized that Springer is keeping the show alive almost as a societal satire. Sure, the financial benefits are great and I don’t think he started the program expressly for this purpose but it’s raison d’etre has metamorphosed into highlighting a ridiculous double standard. We need the Jerry Springer show. Now, more than ever.