Weight loss is one of those universal goals. Almost everyone is game for losing a couple of inches at the waist. I recently, in the past year or so, lost 36 kilograms. I wanted to be healthier and have more confidence. I’m also at a stage of my life where if I’m unhealthy now then I’m fucked for my later years.

In the process of losing weight I’ve been exposed to the weight loss industry. I’ve seen all the quirks and fads; the new diet that guarantees quick and no sweat weight loss. People looking to drop some pounds have become the new gold prospectors. Constantly on the lookout for their easy fortune; rushing to any ass backward town that promises them the good life.

Folks everywhere are looking for the secret. The secret of losing fat, of gaining muscle, of the perfect diet. Truth is there is no secret. The only way to lose weight is as open a secret as they come. Exercise and eat healthy. It’s so exceedingly simple but people shy away from it. Why? Because it’s difficult.

Some man from Australia sent you an e-mail saying that you can loss 10 pounds in 5 minutes by eating a whole cucumber or you paged through some book that advocated taking a dump twice a day to pack on muscle mass. It’s all confusing and very disorientating. We see all these false promises everyday that it becomes difficult for us to accept the simple reality: eat healthier and work out more.

Anyone who tells you anything different than this is L-Y-I-N-G. That’s a guarantee. You don’t need appetite suppressants, you need some will. Don’t be so damned weak. Don’t eat that brownie, go for a walk, take the stairs, grill instead of fry. To lose weight you need a healthy lifestyle. LIFESTYLE. That means for life. Successfully losing weight for six months and suddenly returning to old, bad habits is the equivalent of buying a dog and only caring for it a little while. Why buy the thing in the first place! Why bother?

We just love over complicating things. It’s much easier to figure out some grandiose scheme instead of just returning to the root of the problem. The root of the problem isn’t your genetics, it isn’t high fructose corn syrup and it sure as hell is not your grandma feeding you fat. The root of the problem is you. You.

Treat weight loss like a project. Leave no stone unturned; make a study of it. We live in the 21st century; it’s called the internet. By learning about the mechanics of good nutrition and effective exercise you are making a difficult task that much easier.

And forget about what you look like. No, no one at the gym is laughing at you. You’re overweight, you didn’t murder someone. You have nothing to be ashamed of. What is someone gonna say? “Oh, look at that person who wants to lead a more healthy lifestyle. What a fag!”. You go to the gym to improve yourself not to be insecure.

There ya go. I reckon I might package this. Call it the “Eat Healthy and Excercise Diet”.