So there it is, Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked up his housekeeper a decade ago. A man with a history of lovin’ the ladies has admitted to infidelity and once again the media is shocked and housewives are gasping. His wife, Maria Shriver has now left him and his reputation as a politician is probably ruined.

First off, I’d like to take a moment to remind people that to have sex you actually need a partner. A willing partner that is (I’m looking at you Mike Tyson). Why is the blame lying squarely with Arnold? Surely the woman Arnold had sex with, as the housekeeper, was aware of Maria Shriver’s existence? She knew damn well that the Terminator was married and she decided to partake; It takes two to tango.

So what exactly is the scandal here? Fine, he cheated on his wife. Is he the first man in the history of American society to do so? No siree he ain’t and like I said the blame isn’t all his. Did he not take care of his love child? That’s a negative; he has financially supported the kid and mother since day one; even bought Arnie Jr. a house.

So, if he’s not the only dude to have ever cheated on his wife and if he stepped up to the plate as a baby daddy then what’s the scandal? Having consensual, perfectly legal sex with someone who works for you? If that’s now a legitimate scandal then we’d have no fucking politicians. Taking a dip in a fenced off pond is the grand political past time. The media should just go ahead and climb down out of their fancy ivory towers.

Speaking of baby daddy’s, I love the Maury show more than life itself. The Maury Show is a program hosted by the man/legend/grand mage Maury Povich and it largely revolves around promiscuous lower class people “lookin fo’ dey baby daddy”. Before I go on here, I just want to let you get a feel of this fine piece of broadcasting so I’ve attached a clip:

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I’d say that celebration is gonna be pretty short lived because knowing the quality of the Maury show’s habituĂ©, he probably went out and impregnated a stripper later that night.

The outlandish guests are great, but it is Maury Povich himself that takes the show to a whole new level. In the face of utter hilarity like the clip shown above he remains as somber and serious as a mortician. Only Maury could act as if a show that celebrates the very worst of humanity is just filled to the brim with integrity. In reality the old sly bastard is exploiting these lost souls for a quick buck.

Oh Maury! What comic capers have you not exposed me to!