To perfect winter days where it just the right mix of warm and cool. Where you can rock the shorts but still wear a cozy hoody. It truly is weather as it is meant to be; the apex of climate.

To taking a piss in total darkness and hitting the toilet dead centre. No splishing, sploshing and tell tale puddles of guilt the next morning. Just you, the night and your arrow straight stream of urine.

To the sea. Its movements, smells, sounds and tides. Its seagulls. Its driftwood.

To memento’s and all the awesome memories they harbour within them. Little remembrances of your trip to Portugal, that game you played or the gold you won in the shot put when you were 14.

To steak. It’s delicious.

To fruit. It’s nutritious.

To the obscure rarely used words that deserve more attention. I’m looking at you ergo, acquiesce, progeny and erstwhile. You’re the neglected intelligent step children. I love you.

To the way Google changes its logo to mark special occasions.

To your dog falling over and how embarrassed it is afterward. It’s hairy face looking around to see if anyone noticed it’s blunder; sitting on its backside as if to protest against the act of falling. God love them.

To your dads facial hair. That permanent hairy fixture on his face; you wouldn’t know him without it. The wide variety of foodstuffs caught up in them mighty whiskers.

To all the weird shit that happens in Maine in Stephen King stories. The small friendly state of Maine has been subject to phenomena ranging from demon filled fog to a murderous extra-terrestrial clown. Come to Maine! The Pine tree state.

To that favourite glass or piece of cutlery that you use religiously. It’s as if you think that it makes what you are about to consume taste better. It does; you fucking know it does hombre.

To that trusty pair of underwear that seems to last forever. No holes or stains, just pure long lasting comfort.

To shouting at the top of your fucking lungs. Nothing is closer to our primal selves than a good ol’ fashion yell. The satisfaction trumps the next day sore throat every time.

To your preferred sleeping position. The same one, or ones if you’re the adventurous type, you’ve slept since you were a kid. On your side, on your back, tummy or just curled up in a little ball. It helps you sleep and it sure aint gonna change.

To colloquial greetings. Whats up? Howzit? Ça va? How’s it going? Sup bro?

To lists about appreciating good things. It’s important to take stock, you know.